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Camp Europe_ International Summer Camps_

Placement Offer

Host Summer Camp:

Hamelin-Laie International Summer Camp

Name of Contact:

Paula Arques

Placement Start Date:

Placement End Date:

Placement Type:

Weekly Stipend:

Inbound Airport:

Type of Camp:

Arts Camp

Camp Location:


Camp Address:

Barcelona, España

Camp´s Gender Orientation:


Camp´s Max capacity:

Under 50 campers/session

Full Room & Board?:

Training Provided?:

Weekedns off?

Weekedns off

Contact Telephone:


Contact Email:



About the Camp:

1️⃣ BARCELONA ART DISCOVERY CAMP: Embark on an artistic journey through Barcelona’s rich heritage and contemporary scene! 🖼️
2️⃣ INNOVATION AND CREATION CAMP: Immerse yourself in the exciting worlds of technology and entrepreneurship! 💡
📅 DATE: July 7th - July 20th
🎂 AGE: 12-16 years old
⛺CAMP TYPE: Day or Residential
🏡 ACCOMMODATION: Residential camp at Hamelin-Laie’s Boarding House with individual rooms and ensuite bathrooms.
🇬🇧 LANGUAGE: English


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