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Summer Camp Work in Europe

Camp Europe is a non-profit organization that aims to bring young adults and kids the joy of being part of an international camp atmosphere. We offer volunteer positions at European Camps working with children and staff from more than 60 nations. All Placements  are stipend paid.


Placement´s length go from a short 4-week period to 3-months, or even up to a 6-month period. There are diverse role positions available and a great diversity of placement campsites where our staff gets to try different opportunities. Either as a Camp Counselor, a Language Coach, a Group Leader, a Program Area Specialist or a Camp Director Assitant, there are placements available in Germany, Ireland, England, Spain & Austria.

All of these Experiential Learning Programs are provided along with extensive training sessions and include a weekly stipend. Feel free to explore the different possibilities and choose what suits you best. We are looking forward to receiving your application form and have you in our next season's team!

  • PRACTICE & IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH/ GERMAN There is nothing like getting completely immersed into a fun and relax atmosphere to practice & improve your english/german fluency and confidence in speaking it.

  • NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE? No matter if you have little experience so far, as you will receive detailed orientation and you will get prepared with an intense training that will get you tuned up and all set.

  • HOW DOES IT WORKS? Everything explained in 5 simple steps: 1) Submit your info 2) Get interviewed 3) Get a placement offer 4) Gather all  required documents 5) Confirm your attendance

  • FOR HOW LONG? Minimum commitment of 5 weeks (training week + 4 placement weeks) and up to 6 Months depending on your camp program.



If you are looking for an opportunity to become a role model - as a Camp Counselor or as a Language Coach- within a natural, fun and enriching camp environment, to get yourself immersed in an international atmosphere & a lay back ambiance; at the same time that you obtain intensive training, to later put what you learnt in practice, and also get to catch on a new & different language; this is a program for you. Welcome to Camp Europe!



  • Intensive International Camp Counselor Training

  • 290 EUR deposit reimbursed upon 4 week placement completition

  • June / July / August

  • Full room & board during training & placement(s).

  • Outdoor adventure specialist courses

  • Airport Pick-up Shuttle Service

  • Inter-Placement Transfers

  • 1st aid & CPR* optional

Placement Options


Join the adventure of a lifetime!

Teamertraining 2017 (19).jpg


“The application process was smooth, clear and straight forward. The training was lots of fun. I really enjoyed the international atmosphere and the constant contact with nature. My placement was full of magic moments. I really connected with my campers. No doubt a great experience!"


Meliisa Capefiled – USA


Campsite Locations

There are about 150 registered Summer Camps across Europe. Although Camping is relatively a new tradition, compared to North America, during the last 2 decades Summer Camps in Europe have become more popular. Main Summer Camp Host Countries are: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France and Sweden.

Most of the campsites are located in remote areas, deep in the forest. Although most of them have phone lines and internet access, the possibility of spending long hours in front of a screen is limited.

Portuguese Environmental Camp

Portuguese Environmental Camp

Lisbon, Portugal

German at camp

German at camp


English Courses Camp

English Courses Camp

Bath, UK

English Courses Camp

English Courses Camp

Newcastle, Northern Ireland

All you need to know before applying

Due to the immigration restrictions from the  Government, we are only allowed to process applications and offer placements to individuals who are from one of the countries listed as follows:

  • Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria

  • Belgium, Bulgaria

  • Croatia, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Canada

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland, France

  • Greece, Germany

  • Hungary, Hong Kong

  • Iceland, Ireland, Italy

  • Japan

  • Korea, Republic of

  • Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg

  • Malta, Mexico, Monaco

  • Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway

  • Poland, Portugal, Panama, Paraguay

  • Romania

  • San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia

  • Switzerland, Spain, Sweden,

  • Uruguay, United States of America & United Kingdom

If you do not hold a passport from any of these listed countries, please refrain from applying as there is nothing we can do to help you obtain a Summer Work placement.


Apply Camp Europe

Summer Program

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Application Process for summer 2023

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Application Process for summer 2024

will begin by mid-september.

We are currently actively busy at Camp, but will be receiving Early Bird interest inquiries for 2024.

Submit the form on the right to join the Early Bird list.

We'll contact you in mid-September to resume your application process.

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