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Safe Travel

Having medical expenses coverage is crucial for you to embark into an international adventure. If you already have Medical Insurance which has International Coverage, then you should be all set. In case you do not, probably the best way to go is by acquiring a Travel Insurance which includes medical expenses coverage, among other travel unexpected occurrences.
NOTE: If you have an EU citizenship and are planning to attend a Camp in the EU, then your EHIC card will be enough.


You are free to roam around the internet for any Travel Insurance that fits your preferences & budget. Below, we present you with two external providers that are well known for their economic products and their great response upon any eventual situation. For the last 10 years, these two providers have committed to our cause by offering a 10% off their products, by getting an instant quotation. We think you might want to give it a try. 

World Nomads: Travel Insurance. Simple & Flexible

You can buy and claim online, even after you've left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

World Nomads

7 things you should know about travel insurance from

  1. Trusted reliable underwriters is backed by a suite of strong, secure, specialist travel insurers who provide you with great cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.

  2. Value for money with the cover you need provides cover for what's important for travellers from 140 countries. By focusing on what you need and leaving out what you don't, World Nomads prices are some of the most competitive online.

  3. Flexibility when you need it most
    Had a change of plans? You can buy more cover or 
    claim online while you are still away. You can even buy a World Nomads policy if you're already travelling.

  4. Cover for a range of adventure activities
    From skiing & snowboarding in New Zealand to whitewater rafting in Colorado, covers a range of 
    adventure activities, giving you peace of mind to get the most from your travels.

  5. World Nomads keeps you travelling safely
    All members have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts, as well as travel safety advice and tips online through the 
    World Nomads Travel Safety Hub.

  6. More than just great value travel insurance
    All members can learn the local lingo through a series of 
    iPod & iPhone Language Guides and can stay in touch with family and friends with an online travel journal.

  7. Commitment to exceptional customer service
    We want to make sure you get the most from You can find out more about
     why travel insurance is important for your trip. If you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, please contact directly.

Roundtrip® International: click here

Comprehensive Trip Insurance up to 30 days of Travel Outside Your Home Country (non-U.S. residents)



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