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Work at Camp

Become an International Camp Counselor at a Summer Camp in Europe, Canada or Mexico

Placements available
between March & September 

Placements available
between May & October

Placements available
between April & November

Welcome to ICN!

We have created and continue developing a solid relation with only the very best educational-recreational programs across Europe, Canada & Mexico; with a clear objective of promoting camp and the inherited benefits derived from it: development on personal and social skills, respect for one self, the community and the environment.  We are a network of like minded people, putting an effort in promoting experiential learning internationally.

What really goes on, behind all the great experiential learning process?

The Experiential Learning Process that you´ll go through will enhance your self-reliance, cooperational skills, community building, communication fluency, organizational skills, problem solving & teamwork. 

Participating with InterCampsNet is truly an investment in life, as it is an experience opportunity that rather you take it now, or probably you will never do.

And remember: people tend to regret more, NOT what they have done wrong, but rather the things they didn´t get to go for.

Having Camp as a job experience at an early stage of your professional path can be extremely helpful.

On any resume, a Summer Camp job experience certainly stands out, as it is not the classic filing documents summer job,

but rather a real life, day to day, hand-on, interactive role which in your resume speaks about responsibility, work ethic, autonomy.

On that role, you´ll be introduced to a wide number of international and local campers in order to take care of their safety & their motivation by introducing them into an adventure at a beautiful natural environment.

Challenge yourself to explore your own limits in the context of a fun & safe summer while developing an appreciation for your impact on yourself, on your peers around you, and on the environment (premises & nature).

Last but not least, you will surely cultivate fantastic friendship relations with people like-minded -bonded by common mutual shared experiences- from all around the world, expanding your criteria and global awareness. 

Challenging and inspiring summer

Angelica Girardelli - Italy

The whole deal has been a fulfilling and exciting experience. I worked as a teamer in an adventure camp for kids and teenagers in Germany. Being a teamer means taking care of a group of kids, explain and run the daily outdoor activities with them. Never was there a moment where I felt bored, everything was a challenge for the kids and for me as well. Thanks to a strong community I have always felt supported, also during stressful times, and never left alone. I made really good friends, because the people working for Camp have all something in common- that is, love for nature, for being active and a desire to step-out from the comfort-zone to find your true-self. In Camp you learn to think about life in a more easy and spontaneous way, that is why a lot of flexibility is required from the teamers: everyday is different and you need to be ready to face every kind of situation. Apart from running great outdoor activities like archery, canoe and kayak, raftbuilding , shelter-building, fire-making, high ropes, you get the chance to grow as a person and develop strong bonds with people from all over the globe. Overall I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to join the Campadventure community for the Summer 2021 and hope to be part of it again in the future.

Where in the World would you like to work this summer as a
Camp Counselor?


Camp Counselor Placement

Ontario, Québec, British Columbia


​Camp Counselor Placement

Morelos, Durango, Valle de Bravo & more

5 Very Good Reasons to become a  Camp Counselor:

  1. Gain International Work Experience at a Unique Outdoor Setting.

  2. Disconnect from the screens-world.

  3. Learn / practice a different language.

  4. Meet real friends from all over the globe.

  5. Live the adventure of a life time.

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