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Welcome to Camps Canada!

Work in a fun, joyful and rewarding atmosphere.
Be in touch with the pristine Canadian wilderness.
Meet interesting people from all around the world.
Discover the many beauteous wonders that Canadian culture has to offer.

A summer camp placement in Canada offers a memorable, even defining, life
experience. You will enjoy the challenges and rewards of leading and mentoring
children and youth through outdoor projects and activities, playing sports and
games, and organizing group dynamics. You will play integral part in the

experience of campers as they develop communication skills and creative
approaches to problem solving, as well as nurturing individual growth.

Let Mother Nature will be your office for next summer – work in the Canadian forests!

  • PRACTICE & IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH OR FRENCH There is nothing like full immersion in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to practice and improve your English / French fluency and confidence.

  • NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE? You will receive detailed orientation and in-depth training that will have you prepared and ready for the adventure ahead.

  • HOW DOES IT WORK? It´s a simple 5- step process: 1) Apply, 2) Have an interview, 3) Receive a placement offer, 4) Gather all the required documents, and 5) Confirm your attendance. 

  • FOR HOW LONG? The minimum commitment is 8 weeks, one training week and 7 placement weeks, up to 16 weeks.

Video: Summer 2018. Camp Wenonah. Muskoka, Ontario, Canada




Supervises every aspect of the camper's daily routines, motivates and encourages campers to enjoy and participate in numerous different camp activities. Provides a safe and fun environment contributing to the creation of an enjoyable atmosphere.

Placement Options



  • Be in charge of a cabin group of 6 - 10 campers.

  • Accept guidance and instructions from senior staff.

  • Interact with other co-workers to plan, organize and run diverse sports and games.



Join the adventure of a lifetime!

Teamertraining 2017 (8).jpg

  • Every single summer camp that we deal with is an active member of their corresponding Provincial Camping Association and in most cases of the Canadian Camping Association too.

  • All camps comply with all standard safety measures and they all provide comfortable lodging premises and top quality equipment and materials.

  • Summer camps vary in terms of size, program focus, capacities, sessions length and the population sector they attend.

  • Most of the campsites also operate as Outdoor Education Centers during the rest of the year.

  • Therefor, there are plenty of options available, and we will surely find the best placement for you according to your profile and interests.


“The application process was smooth, clear and straight forward. The training was lots of fun. I really enjoyed the international atmosphere and the constant contact with nature. My placement was full of magic moments. I really connected with my campers. No doubt a great experience!"


Meliisa Capefiled – USA


Campsite Locations

There are close to a thousand summer campsites Canada-wide. About a third of them are located within the province of Ontario, where there is a strong tradition for university students to Work as role models for children / youth in an outdoor setting during the summer months; many other camps are scattered across the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, mainly.

Most of the campsites are located in remote areas, deep in the forest. Although most of them have phone lines and internet access, the possibility of spending long hours in front of a screen is limited.

Columbia Outdoor School

Columbia Outdoor School


World Bound - Climate Change

World Bound - Climate Change


Camp Wenonah

Camp Wenonah


Canadian ESL Camp

Canadian ESL Camp


World Bound Yukon 2023

World Bound Yukon 2023


Fireside Kids Camp

Fireside Kids Camp


Bilingual Connections

Bilingual Connections


BC Explorer Paddle Expedition

BC Explorer Paddle Expedition


All you need to know before applying

Due to the immigration restrictions from the Canadian Government, we are only allowed to process applications and offer placements to individuals who are from one of the countries listed as follows:

  • Andorra, Australia, Austria

  • Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bulgaria

  • Croatia, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland, France

  • Greece, Germany

  • Hungary, Hong Kong

  • Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy

  • Japan

  • Korea, Republic of 

  • Latvia, Lithuania 

  • Liechtenstein, Luxembourg

  • Malta, Mexico, Monaco

  • Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway

  • Poland, Portugal, Papua New Guinea

  • Romania

  • San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia

  • Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Samoa

  • Taiwan

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United States of America

  • United Kingdom

If you do not hold a passport from any of these listed countries, please refrain from applying as there is nothing we can do to help you obtain a Summer Work placement in Canada.


You can sign up with your Name & email to our Summer 2024 list, and we shall contact you back by late september 2023 in order to resume your application process.

2024 Early Bird list.

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