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Partner Camps

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Throughout the years, we have built and consolidated a Network of Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning Program Providers. We are proud to have established and mantain strong bonds through Summer Camps Exchange of Experiences, People and Ideas. Few, but the best in their field.

Already an ICN member Camp?

If you are a Camp Director looking for your Camp to become a selected member of International Camps Network, please fill out the form below.

Reasons why our Partner Camps trust ICN

There are several different benefits when a Summer Camp welcomes international camp counselors. From the obvious diversity aspects that for sure provide an expansion of everyone´s cultural awareness, understanding & acceptance; to the richness of having a set of complimentary bilingual toungues internationalizing the camp´s atmosphere. 

We are committed to supporting human interaction based on Camp´s values & philosophies. We perform our daily jobs with loads of enthusiasm, motivated by the continuous opportunities we extend to our participants and partner camps alike, and then with the exciting feedback we receive back from all of them.


Our recruit process consist of high standards interviews permormed by qualified ICN staff, a detailed file examination process along with estrict document recopilation.


We perform extensive and thorough Background check of all and every applicant.

ICN also ensures to receive updated and signed medical checks.


ICN receives every year, applications from +25 different countries. Mainly, applicants form Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, Egypt, Australia & Hong Kong.


Our services are offered at a very competitive rate, with no hidden nor surprise costs. It entitles your camp to have access to our applicant pool and get campers leads directly.

  • Our staff is composed of long time camp educators and people with many summers behind their backs who know how Camp runs, and who believes in the magic of Camp.

  • We have been in the International Camping scene for 15years, supporting  top quality Camp programs that impact positively  so many young lives.

  • Our ultimate objective is to provide your Camp with a simple tool that empowers your staff recruitment process, internationaly, in an effective & efficient manner.

  • InterCampsNet can tailor-made your interface & form fields so it adapts 100% to your Camp needs.

  • We look forward to Partnering with your Camp and will be pleased to work along the pre-season to fullfill your international staff recruitment requirements, always under the highest standards for attention quality and professional competency.

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Web-based Software

InterCampsNet - on the cloud

Using Hanover is friendly and simple. With a few clicks you´ll have all your International Staff all sorted out.

Supported by all major platforms & browsers.


Full Admin Control

InterCampsNet - provides you full access

InterCampsNet empowers you to control all aspects of your ICN applicants. You don´t really need to contact us. The intuitive interface allows you to interact easily.


No lengthy Contracts

InterCampsNet - a Free Forum

We trust that once our partner Camps have tried the InterCampsNet experience & service, they will want to keep up the partnership. There is no contractual obligation if the Camp opts-out from receiving the service.

Background Checks & Medical Coverage

InterCampsNet takes very seriously the safety & security of all participants.

Throughout the 15 years we have been providing service, we have developed a strong relationship with the world leaders of professional, in-depth, non-online background services. Fortunately, without any incident.

Likewise, we have developed a strong partnership with two major international insurance companies that look after many of our participants, with travel assistance, travel insurance, and furthermore: medical expenses coverage while abroad.

All our Data processing is encrypted and it complies with both, US and EU privacy protection Acts.

ICN Partner Camp - Application Form


  • You will require:

    • 5 - 10 minutes

    • To select the most applicable options according to your camp specifics

    • To explain as brief and certain as possible some statements about your camp

    • To upload:

      • Either a SQUARE or horizontal RECTANGLE logo image.

      • A 1080 * 400 PANORAMIC view image for your camp´s banner picture.​​

      • A main  Camp Profile picture.​​


Once you submit into our system your Camp´s Info :

  • We´ll review it and upon approval, we will create your camp´s ICN profile 

  • You´ll receive an email with further info in regards to: 

    • Downloading an agreement draft

    • Booking a day/time to speak with an ICN agent

    • Using our CRM to recruit summer staff

    • Upload all Partner Camp required documents

    • Submitting images & videos of your Camp


Register your Camp with ICN
Camp Session´s length
Camp´s Gender Orientation
Camp´s Staff/Camper Ratio
Camp´s Max Capacity per session
Other activities at Camp
Type of Camp
Camp´s Program Areas
Any specific night activities
Any specific workshops
Camp´s Logo
Banner Image
Main Image
What kind of Placement does your Camp Offer?
Does your Camp provides Training for Camp Counselors ?
Does your Camp provide the 1st aid certification course during training week to its Camp Counselors to its staff?
What is the scheduled placemet week?
Does your Camp provide Airport Pick-up service ?
Does your Camp provide Airport Drop-off service?
Does your Camp provide full Room & Board to Camp Counselors ?
Does your Camp requires its Camp Counselors to be certified in 1st aid and CPR ?
Does your Camp provide alternative meals ?
Alternative meals offerd at your camp

Thank you for submitting your application for a summer camp placement. We appreciate your interest in our program and we look forward to reviewing your application. We will be in contact shortly to let you know the outcome of your application. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you again for your interest in our summer camp program.

Partner Camp Registration
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