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Camp Europe_ International Summer Camps_

Placement Offer

Host Summer Camp:

Columbia Outdoor School

Name of Contact:

Shonna Murphy

Placement Start Date:

July 1, 2023

Placement End Date:

Jul 1, 2023

Placement Type:

Volunteer in Canada

Weekly Stipend:


Inbound Airport:

Calgary / Cranbrook

Type of Camp:

Traditional Summer Camp

Camp Location:


Camp Address:

Columbia Outdoor School, Cranbrook Street North, Cranbrook, BC, Canada

Camp´s Gender Orientation:


Camp´s Max capacity:

100 - 200 campers/session

Full Room & Board?:

Training Provided?:

Weekedns off?

Weekedns off

Contact Telephone:

+1 250-426-3676

Contact Email:



About the Camp:

Columbia Outdoor School provides fun, meaningful and collaborative learning experiences that help youth and adults to broaden their perspectives, develop science literacy, and foster appreciation for engaged citizenship. Our program incorporates biased balanced scientific inquiry, leadership development, civic engagement and academic rigor.


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