Why should I send my Child to Camp?

The benefits of sending your child to camp are priceless. And the potential areas for growth, almost countless.

Spending time away from home and the camper´s comfort zone, it allows to a significant space for personal growth. Without the constant use of electrical devices (i.e. smartphones) and being in close contact with nature, allows to increase the camper´s environmental awareness. 

Interacting with peers from all walks of life supports a positive social interaction, increasing tolerance and respect for diversities.

By playing and having fun at camp, your child will increase his/her curiosity, the use of imagination and creative thinking, communication skills, problem-solving skills and will come back home feeling autonomous & self-confident.

Camp developes in a natural way into all campers, a common sense for: teamwork, motivation and self-encouragement; and it fosters politenes, punctuality, responsibility, mental & emotional health, the sense of belonging, community building attitude, and many other soft and hard skills from adventure sports to activities they might be trying out for the first time in their lifes. Without doubt, an experience of a lifetime.

Some Facts about Camp,

according to a Canadian Camping Association Reserach*

Over 65 % of Campers show positive change in terms of learning and growing with regard to social connections.

67% of all campers experience positive growth in their independence, personal developement and self-confidence.

61% of campers reported positive growth in their Personal Attitude.

69% of participants felt that the residential experience in nature encouraged campers to feel eager to learn more about & respect nature.

61% of campers reported positive growth in their attitude toward the enjoyment of physical activity and associated benefits to physical and mental health.

86% of campers reported positive growth and learnt about tolerance, patience, and the value of teamwork and cooperation.

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Tips & Resources for Parents

How to deal with Homesickness.

Is it your child´s first time at camp?

Are you concerned that he/she won´t make friends and will feel lonely? No worries, camp is the place to become yourself, toto learn to get comfortable out of the shelter zone, and grow as a person.

Please bear in mind the following tips developed by experts from the Camping Community around the world and supported by the International camping Fellowship.

  • When registering your child to a Camp program, make sure the decission is agreed upon by both, your child and your self.

  • Speak about Camp during the weeks ahead of the program start date. Review pictures and comment on all the cool aspects that you can imagine. Awake in your child the motivation to go to Camp.

  • Try out leaving your child overnight with grand parents, relatives or good friends, so he/she can get used to spending some time (overnight) without having parents right next door. That includes making no phone calls.

  •  Do the before-Camp shopping together. Let you child get involved in picking the items on the Camp Check list, from toothpast to socks, sun hat, etc.

  • Do some Sleeping-Bag trainig using it a couple of times at home, so when your child gets to Camp, he/she feels comfortable sleeping in it.

  • Do the packing together, and use plastic bags to keep them sorted out and dry. If your child gets involved in the packing, he will feel secure knowing what he/she has brought and where it is.

  • When saying goodbye, your corporal and verbal language are extremely important to set up your child for a home-sickless adventure or, the opposite. This is a crucial moment, and it is good if you prepare your goodbye phrases the positive way. For example: It is better to say, ¨If you start feeling a bit homesick, make sure to tell your couselor and she/he will make you feel better. Enjoy as much as possible!¨    instead of something such as: ¨If you don´t like it, then you can call me and we can discuss me picking you up, ok?¨.

  • Homsickness is not an ilness, is a natural emotion. Therefore, by dealing with it, children develop their soft skills and how to handle their emotions. So, it is not a bad thing to be homesick. What it is important, is to know how to deal with it, and Camp staff has plenty of experience and a lot of resources, so parent, keep calm. Your child will be just fine!

  • If it is a severe case, then we will contact you, we will let you speak to your child, and we will discuss the next steps, but PLEASE, never arrange any pick-up plans with your child, without having spoken to the Camp Director.