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World Bound Canada

Expedition Camp

B. Columbia

& Yukon


Beyond stereotypes, World Bound Canada offers a 21-day adventure exploring BC's West Coast and the Yukon River. Uncover Canada's true essence through breathtaking landscapes, climate action, and confronting historical challenges. Join us for an immersive journey blending adventure and purpose.


Canada’s wilderness holds daily surprises, testing resilience and commitment. From the West Coast to the Midnight Sun, confront climate change effects. Our unique youth program blends adventure, arts, and Indigenous wisdom, empowering youth for reconciliation and climate action.

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Age Range

From            years old

To                  years old



Gender Orientation


Camper / Staff Ratio


Max Capacity

35 campers/session

Session´s length

3 weeks

Sessions starts on:

July 1 to July 21

Program Areas at Camp

Wilderness Education, Climate Action, Youth Leadership, Outdoor Learning, Environmental Awareness, Global Adventure

Other Activities at Camp

Land Stewardship, Outdoor Engagement, Global Participation, Leadership Journey, Creative Arts Project, Climate Connection

Specific Workshops

Native-Heritage Environmental-Awareness Global-Citizenship, Team-Building, Water treatment, Recycling, World Bound Pillars:, Integrating Climate Change Principles and Perspectives, Exploring Real-world Environments, Volunteering in Communities, Practicing Life Skills, Sustaining Climate Action


Whistler, Sechelt Inlet, Yukon River, Vancouver

Night activities

Star Gazing Story Telling Campfire Night games

A typical morning at Camp

A typical afternoon at Camp

A typical evening at Camp

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