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Bilingual Connections

Expedition Camp

Galiano Island

B. Columbia


Bilingual Program is a Camp devoted to a full inter cultural exchange experience. We gather campers from +15 different countries and create a fabolous mix of experiential learning practices to develop tolerance, understanding, environmental resposibility, etc.


The west coast port of British Columbia, and one of Canada’s most gorgeous cities. A very ethnically diverse city. A vibrant population known for its great natural attractions suchs as the world acclaimed Stanley Park. Also a favourite setting for movie filming, with those snow peaked mountains. Vancouver is like a gigant playground with so many outdoor activities to offer. Vancouver is surrounded by water from three sides and the weather is milder than other regions of Canada, due to the Pacific Ocean currents that keep it mild and damp.

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Age Range

From            years old

To                  years old



Gender Orientation


Camper / Staff Ratio


Max Capacity

35 campers/session

Session´s length

2 weeks

Sessions starts on:


Program Areas at Camp

Language Exhange, Team Building & Coop Games, Canoeing & Kayaking

Other Activities at Camp

Overnight Hikes, Campfires

Specific Workshops

Native-Heritage Environmental-Awareness Global-Citizenship, Communication Games


Sechelt Inlet Vancouver

Night activities

Star Gazing Story Telling Campfire Night games

A typical morning at Camp

Polar Bear Club Breakfast Paddle session / Break / Language exchange

A typical afternoon at Camp

Break / Lunch / Paddle / Afternoon Language session

A typical evening at Camp

Set up Camp / Dinner

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