Well, because that is our expertise: To Offer International Students the possibility to find Work Placements at diverse Summer Camps across Europe, Canada and Mexico. Besides, we have fifteen years of experience doing so and over 3,000 happy participants. Therefore, by now we have nailed it, in figuring out what it takes to match each participant with a Summer Camp according to their interests, expectations, nature, programs and orientations.We run the whole enchilada for you: Interviews, Document gathering, Insurance, and we even assist you to process your work permitAll for a set amount for a flat rate, with no hidden fees. Personal, professional, friendly and committed attention from the moment you contact us and until you get back home satisfied after an unforgettable experience.Our response times to every of your questions / concerns is, in the worst case scenario, under 48 hrs. to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.


Depends on your interests and abilities, but to mention a few: Traditional Sports, Archery, Tennis, Painting, Drama & Theatre, Music, Radio Workshop, Camping Survival, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Canoeing, Horseback Ridding and Kayaking.


Depends on the Program you choose: EUROPE
-Minimum of 5 weeks committment, between late-June and until early-September.
-Up to 6 months (Outdoor Education Diploma), from mid-March and until early-September. CANADA - Minimum of 8 weeks committment, between mid-June and until late-August - Up to 16 weeks, combining Spring and / or Fall Outdoor Education programs. MEXICO
- Minimum of 4 weeks committment, between late-June and mid-August.
- Up to 24 weeks, between mid-April & mid-November.


Depend on which program, and your citizenship: EUROPE
You do not need any Visa/Permit, if you can enter the European Union as a tourist. (Citizens from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Singapour, Homg Kong, Peru, Mexico, New Zealand & Australia).
If you do require a Visa/Permit to enter the EU as a tourist, upon your participation has been confirmed, we will send you a format letter which you should include in your paperwork with the European consular office.
If the rogram you apply for is longer than 90 days, you willbe required to obtain a Permit for extension. CANADA
You will need to obatin a Temporary Work Permit.
Upon your participation has been confirmed, we will send you a format letter which you should include in your paperwork with the Canadian consular office. MEXICO
Participants from Canada, USA, EU, Japan and Australia do not need any special Permit.
If you are from any other country, you will be required to obtain a Tourist Entry Visa.


Your In-Bound and Out-Bound flights into your destination country are not included in the fee.
It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your date of arrival and departure are according to the start of the training and the end of your placement.

We will pick you up at the airport and will also drive you to your designated campsite.


You should consider the following general costs: APPLICATION FEE EUROPE - 350 Euros CANADA - 400 US Dollars MEXICO - 300 US Dollars

  • Full Room & Board during the full length of your training & placement.
  • Airport Pick-up transportation.
  • Intense Camp Counselor Training.
  • Assistance to obtain Visa / Permit.
  • Interview.
  • Administrative Fee.
Other costs to consider (not included):
  • Flights to and back from your destination country.
  • Non Criminal Record.
  • Travel / Medical Insurance.
  • Independent Travel costs.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Visa/Permit paperwork costs.


Depends on the Program you choose: EUROPE

  • 1st year - 75euros / week
  • 2nd year - 150euros / week
  • Between 700 - 1,100 CAN$ / month, depending on previous experience, program area, and season.
MEXICO $70 US / week


In order to participate in any program yu need to provide copy of an International Medical Expenses Coverage policy. If you do not have Insurance with International Coverage, we can assist you in finding the right coverage options. Get instant quotation from 2 different providers, here.

Do You Conduct Background Checks On Staff Members?

All staff members have recent (less than 1 year) Criminal Record checks, and they all poses valid 1st aid & CPR certificates.

Who are the Camp Counselors? Where do they come from?

An average of 95% of them are University Students. Either they are performing a 6-month outdoor education diploma at our partner CA Academy, a 3-month internship or rather a summer placement.The gross of our Staff are from Germany, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia & USA. But in total every year we get staff from around 40 different countries.A great percentage of the staff has had previous experiences in outdoor education settings in different parts and type of programs across the globe.

How Is A Typical Week Organized?

Normally, there is a wake up call at around 7am, followed by an early activity which is optional. Breakfast and a clean up period. Then, there are 3 periods of activities during the morning. Lunch time and rest period. Then, another set of activity periods. Dinner time, and an evening program. Snack time and bed time around 9pm

Can Friends Share A Tent / Room?

Yes, if requested upon booking and depending on gender, age and space availability.

Are All Activities And Excursions Included In The Fees?

No. Even though our summer camps & language camps are all inclusive, we do offer some optional activities at an extra cost, such as: horseback riding, Sailing, Windsurfing, etc

Are There Vegetarian Friendly Meals?

Most meals are in the form of buffets, which cater for vegetarians and any special dietary requirements. However, if a camper has any dietary requirements, please let us know on the registration form and we will try to cater accordingly (i.e.lactose intolerance, nut allergy, etc.)

Are Campers At All Times Supervised?"

Yes, campers are supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Can A Camper Extend The Length Of Stay For A Week Or Two?

Yes, provided there is a place available. If a camper intends to stay another week or two, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can secure the booking, as places do fill up very quickly.

What Does my Child Need To Bring To Camp? Is Bringing A Laptop Feasible?

We understand that for the traveling and communication reasons it might be very convenient to travel with electrical gadgets. However, we encourage campers to unplug themselves, to connect with nature during their time at camp.You can bring a cell phone or a tablet, and we will keep it safe at the office, and permission to use it would be up to the head staff criteria. As for other items, you will get a packing list later on, along with your Welcome Package.

Does my child Has To Be Able To Speak German?

N ot at all.

All our camps run in English, so as long as he / she can manage basic English, she / he can surely participate. That being said, he / she should be prepared to get immersed in the local language, and be open to the idea of exploring the culture, the food and traditions of a foreign nation. Quite an experience!

When Do The Language Lessons Take Place?

Language Courses* can take place either in the mornings or in the afternoons from, depending on the timetable, which is issued at the start of camp. * If Selected as part of the program

Who Are the language Teachers?

All teachers are qualified native speakers who are specialized in teaching the language the student has chosen to study. They will almost always be University Graduates from the country of the language that they teach.

Who Will Meet My Child At The Airport?

Camp Europe staff will meet all campers arriving by airplane and keep them in their company to the campsite. As well, when campers finish their camping session, staff members will accompany them to the airport and only leave when they have gone through the security gate at the departure lounge.
All vehicles used for transfers are maintained to the highest security standards.

Do Campers Need A Visa To Attend Camp In Europe?

It Depends.
European camp ers do not need a Visa. For any other nationalities information regarding visas, passports and authorizations to enter and stay in Europe, it is advisable to consult the German Consulate or Embassy in your country. If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Are Camps A Peanut Free Environment?

No, although nuts in general are not included in the daily diet of our menus, we can not guarantee a peanut free environment.

Any special dietary restriction must be mentioned during the registration process, so we can prevent in taking care about it.

Is Alcohol or Smoking Consumption Permitted / Tolerated?

No. It is totally forbidden. If a camper is surprised consuming alcohol, cigarrettes or any other drug, it will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

What Happens If My Child Suffers From Allergies Or Illness?

If the allergies or illness is deemed serious and in need of a doctor’s attention, the student will be taken to the nearest hospital and the parents/guardians will be contacted immediately.

Can I Call Or Email My Child? If So, When?

Yes. You can use the camp´s office line. We advice calling during rest period. You can send a message to your child, writing to the camp´s main email address. We will make sure to print it and deliver it to him/her.

Are Campers Allowed To Bring And Use Their Mobile Phones?

It is advice not. If they do, they will be required to leave it under safe at the office, and they will have about 20 min/ day to use it.

How Can I Contact The Staff?

You will receive staff contact numbers with your welcome pack.

How Much Pocket Money Should A Camper Bring?

As these summer camps are all inclusive, campers only need spending money for when going out on excursions. Most campers bring between 80 and 100 Euros to buy treats, souvenirs, stamps, post cards and gifts for family and friends.

Who Takes Care Of The Pocket Money?

It basically works just like a bank, without all the extra charges. Upon arriving to camp the camper deposits his or her pocket money at the office, and a record is kept by camper and the office. Money can be withdrawn before an excursion. To avoid problems with exchanging foreign currency we advice that campers bring Euros with them in a sealed envelope. Upon arrival, they should deposit their money at the camp office.


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