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Feb 4, 2023

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Mar 29, 2023

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Oct 19, 2022

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Camps Canada

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Main Info

Robin Paul



27 May 1999

Age by July 1st:


Years old

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Male cut - XL




English, French, German

English Fluency:


I am a University Student at the RWTH-Aachen and I study Chemistry and English to become a teacher since 2018.



Bärenstraße 31








First, and I think this is very impotant, I have a generally positive attitude and I like to spread joy. Having fun at a camp can go a long way in motivating the participants to partake in the activities that are planned. Additionally, through my work at the children's home I am experienced with children with challenging behavior but also children in general. In dealing with the participating children I am patient and will always try to advocate their interests because in my view the success or failure of a camp is determined by the experience of the participating children.
I am cooperative and easy to get along with and I communicate problems, should they arise, respectfully so that can be dealt with in a productive, non destructive manner.


First, I have been a camp counselor in four different camps in Germany. I made my first summercamp experience with the "Zeltlagergruppe St. Maternus Breberen/Schümm, an organization funded by the katholic church. They organize a two-week summer camp every year and I partook several years as a child before becoming a counselor myself. They are a small organization with little to no hierarchies and the working environment is one of actively looking for tasks to do, so there I helped organizing, cooking and taking care of the participating children by offering different games and an open ear for their problems. I also halped organize and execute a german language camp with the "SJD - Die Falken" an orgnaization funded by the SPD, one of the main political parties in Germany.
Other experiences of working with children include after school tutoring, my current job as a teaching assistant and a year of working at a children's home where I helped the children with their homework and took care of them during their free time. What I enjoy the most while working with children is just making the smile or helping them overcome their fear and try something new. And I love the moments where you can see that a child is making some sort of progress, whether that is to try out food he/she does not know or he/she keeps himself/herself from hitting someone who has insulted him/her or just a simple "thank you" when being offered juice.
A challenge I have faced multiple times throughout my different experiences with children is to find a balance between being nice and allowing and exerting authority and keeping the rules. I tend towards being too nice and allowing but in my experience patience and not rushing decisions are great tools to fing the right balance again.


I expect to meet a lot of interesting people and to work in a team where everyone's goal is to make our endeavor as great as possible for everybody involved. I wish to learn new tricks and ways of dealing or taking care of children and maybe to make some friends along the way. I picture myself in a group in a group of children listening to their stories or solving some form of conflict between two participants. I picture myself instructing group games and playing cards with my colleagues during bedtime.

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Program Area Preferences

Climbing & High Ropes, Drama & Theatre, Field Games, Team Building, Canoeing / Kayaking

Interview Date:

October 19, 2022

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Potential High Performer


Age Section Preference

Juniors, Seniors


Seems Responsible, Seems hard-worker


Has experience leading groups, Has worked at Camp before

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High Confidence

Heights Confidence

High Confidence

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Josef Harald Görtz


+492454 8999

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