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Mar 1, 2023

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Mar 9, 2023

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Camps Canada - Working Holiday Visa

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Nov 14, 2001

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Female cut - M




English, Spanish

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Anahuac University



Real del Monte 62








I have a lot of experience working with children, especially teens, it´s something that I am passionate about. In addition, I have knowledge about responsible and assertive parenting. I´m a person with a high level of leadership and I love working with passionate people who inspire me! I am an excellent candidate because I always seek to give more of myself, I am very creative and super dedicated to projects. I see every opportunity as an excellent way of personal growth, I have the ability to learn from anyone and I love being able to share what I know with other people.

I have worked with teens in various contexts, some more difficult than others. Every time I have learned a lot from them and I have had a lot of fun! I consider that I have the tools to be able to accompany and guide the majority of them, regardless of their background. I feel very lucky to have been able to learn from them and I consider that I can continue to do so, as well as being a great guide for teens.


I have worked numerous times with children, especially adolescents. From September to December 2022, I worked with teenagers at Wexford College organizing a short film festival, I worked with 260 teenagers. At this festival, in addition to promoting art among Mexican youth, I had the opportunity to see them grow and develop as leaders. My favorite part of working with teens is that you can see how they develop and how they discover their identity and form their personality. It is extremely exciting to see how a person becomes themselves and to have the opportunity to guide and accompany them during the process to discover themselves!

In the past, I have also worked with teens in an antibullying program focused on educating on psychology issues related to bullying, I worked for a year with around 200 adolescents doing dynamics and workshops to share this knowledge. Every time I have worked with teens I have loved it, it has always been an experience of inmensely personal growth!

I also worked in an orphanage with teens who have suffered from physical, sexual and psychological violence. It was one of the experiences that have impacted me the most in my life, since I had the opportunity to guide them and learn from their difficult life stories. I worked with about 20 children from this orphanage in the psychology department.


From this program, I hope to be able to learn a lot about myself and to be able to accompany adolescents during their identity discovery process. I hope that this program can fill me with unforgettable experiences, that it takes me out of my comfort zone, and that I can exploit my creative side.
I hope to have fun and contribute so that all campers learn and have fun too. Education is never at odds with fun!
I hope to be able to learn from all my co-workers and also be able to share certain tools that have helped me!

The mere idea of ​​working a whole summer with campers fills me with excitement! I am sure that the feeling of excitement will not diminish at any time during my experience as a counselor!

My greatest expectation is to have fun and learn a lot while I contribute so that others also have fun, learn and discover about themselves.

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