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Applied on:

Mar 13, 2023

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Mar 29, 2023

Interviewed on:

Mar 21, 2023

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Camps Canada - Working Holiday Visa

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Word of mouth


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Craig Black





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Jul 8, 2004

Age by July 1st:


Years old

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Female cut - S

South African




English Fluency:

Native speaker


I am currently taking a Gap Year and doing an Au-pair project here at home, domestically. I am eager to travel to Canada where my brother lives and take the opportunity to join a Camp and be a role model while I perform as a role model.


6 Sable Crescent


Western Cape


South Africa




I am a outgoing, adventurous girl that is not afraid to get stuck into any task and to get my hands dirty. I love surrounding myself with people. I am a hard worker and am super enthusiastic.
I love spending time with children and absolutely love being outdoors.
I am creative, i take on initiative, i am committed to any task that i get given and am a kind hearted person. Many tell me that i am a great leader but i am also a good follower. I respect values and keep to my morals. I would love to be able to be a positive role model for young girls and boys. I am supportive and am always the friendly face that you can see after a tough day. I love the outdoors, i am an adventurous young lady that is always up for a challenge, i have no problem with getting the hard work done and am not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I would love to help empower young individuals to be the best person they are. I am also always up for the challenge and love to learn new things. I am hard working and a diligent girl. I have great work ethic and love supporting those around me. I would love to be able to try my best to help others be the best version of themselves. I am a great leader but am also a great follower. I respect everyone and stand for my morals and responsibilities.
I am a kind hearted, nurturing person that will always go out my way to make someone feel more at home in their environment.


I am currently au pairing for 3 lovely girls ages 12-17. I spend most my days with them, taking them to their extra curriculum activities and helping out with homework and projects when needed. I love spending time with them and encouraging them in any activity. I hope to make them more independent and more aware of the world we live in today. I am also currently helping part time at a learn to swim school by helping the swimming coaches with the kids and help them to get organized before going into the pool.


My expectations is to be able to have fun and to help those around me, to make camp a great environment for all individuals. I would love to create friendships with my fellow counsellors and campers.
I would love to be able to empower young individuals and help them wherever possible.
I love being outdoors so i would love to be able to spend my time outdoors having fun with colleagues and help young individuals to grow not only in confidence but in being the best individuals they can be. I hold respect and kindness very highly and would love to be in a environment that is surrounded by good friendships, respect and support.
I also would love to grow as a individual and i honestly think that being in a environment like a summer camp will push my limits and make me grow into a stronger individual.

Interview Notes

Start Date

Jun 1, 2023

End Date

July 31, 2023

Program Area Preferences

Canoeing / Kayaking, Survival, Climbing & High Ropes, Field Games, Team Building, Outdoor Cooking, Adventure Sports

Interview Date:

March 21, 2023

Grade @ interview


Seems like a good candidate.

Camp Counselor Volunteer - Canada

Age Section Preference



Outdoor Oriented, Seems Responsible, Self-secure, Out-going, Seems hard-worker


Has experience acting as a role model, Has experience camping, Has experience hiking/navigating

Swimming Confidence

High Confidence

Heights Confidence

Medium Confidence

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