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Feb 18, 2023

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Mar 29, 2023

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Feb 23, 2023

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Camps Canada

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Nov 3, 2004

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Years old

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Female cut - XS




English, French, Spanish, Other

English Fluency:

Really Good


I am currently a student at the University of Deusto, in which I have been studying a degree in Law and International Relationships for 1 year.

Deusto University

Law and IR


Calle Ugasko Bidea 7








I am a very responsible person and have the ability to work well under stress, I love challenges and learn extremely fast which I think might come in handy for any training I might have to do. I am also very extroverted and charismatic which I believe is one of the most important qualities when it comes to interacting with children.
I have a lot of leadership but can also work in teams when required. I think I would be a really good addition to any camp as I could not only provide the fun and enjoyment that I am aware is needed but also have the work ethic skill that gets sometimes forgotten in some of the camp staff.
I am the kind of person that loves being around kids, I think I get along great with them and based on past experiences they usually do with me too as I am quite funny but know how to get serious when necessary. I also love learning new things and am a fast learner, I think I could bring a lot into any camp, I’m sure I could be a great lifeguard if I was trained for it considering my swimming capacities.
In a more personal account I believe my profile is quite adequate for a camp, I am very resourceful and empathic person, I’m extremly energetic and love being in the outdoors, especially in anything revolving the water. I am a natural born leader, as they say, and have the ability to work in teams if needed.


I have been a youth leader for my church for the past 2 and a half years taking care of my group. They were 26 pre-comunion kids which means they where between the ages of 6-9. During those years every Sunday I spent two hours with the kids teaching them catequesis. Usually during summer and Easter we took all the groups to a retire during a weekend, through this time we would make various activities for the kids, these included planning scanvenger hunts, dividing the kids so they could improve their teamwork skills and helping them in achieving different goals they would plan before the trip. The kids where also very small so they would usually get homesick during the nights, whenever this happened I would usually allow them to come with me to the dinning room so they could have something to eat and make them laugh until they felt more comfortable to go back to their rooms, I feel this would come in handy in a camp.
During the summer it would be a bit different, we had a lot of water activities in the swimming pool and us, the leaders, had to pay much more attention to the kids, not only if something happened but also with them putting on sunscreen, drinking enough water during the day and making sure nobody was feeling left out.
What I love most about my job as a youth leader is the relationships I´ve been able to build with the kids, the majority of them have been in my group since they were 6 so the trust we have in each other is beautiful and seeing them grow up is amazing. I also have so much fun with them every week and I believe they are the funniest kids in my church, but that is a very biased opinion.
During these years the hardest challenges I´ve faced have to do with some of the children not being as extroverted as others, I used to get very worried whenever I saw all the kids playing in the break between cathequesis and how some of them couldn´t get included in the group. With these I started to develop some technics that have always worked in order to include a child in a group, such as trying different games so they could get to know each other, having a chat with them in order to figure out what their interests are so I could maybe do some activity revolving them and also showing them that little extra attention that they need sometimes in order to come out of their shell.


Regarding the program, I´m expecting to have fun in new enviroment while also being able to know different cultures and improve my language skills.
Meeting new people is also something I´m looking for.
I would really love to have a good time while working at camp and improving my language skills. I picture myself more as a program area coach in swimming or any water sport as this is something that I not only enjoy but I am very skilled at.
Nevertheless, working as a camp counselor also sounds extremly fun and it is vwry similar to what I´m used as a youth couselor.

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Canoeing / Kayaking, Swimming, classic sports, climbing, Drama & Theatre

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February 23, 2023

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Volunteer - Camps Canada

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Seems Responsible, Seems mature, Self-secure


Has experience acting as a role model, Church leader

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Enrique Sirera Ebrí


(+34) 3468744548

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