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Camp Europe_ International Summer Camps_

Placement Offer

Host Summer Camp:

World Bound Canada

Name of Contact:

Liam Barnes

Placement Start Date:

Placement End Date:

Placement Type:

Weekly Stipend:

Inbound Airport:

Type of Camp:

Expedition Camp

Camp Location:

B. Columbia

Camp Address:

Whistler, BC, Canada

Camp´s Gender Orientation:


Camp´s Max capacity:

35 campers/session

Full Room & Board?:

Training Provided?:

Weekedns off?

Weekedns off

Contact Telephone:


Contact Email:



About the Camp:

Beyond stereotypes, World Bound Canada offers a 21-day adventure exploring BC's West Coast and the Yukon River. Uncover Canada's true essence through breathtaking landscapes, climate action, and confronting historical challenges. Join us for an immersive journey blending adventure and purpose.


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