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Camp Europe_ International Summer Camps_

Placement Offer

Host Summer Camp:

Canadian ESL Camp

Name of Contact:

Chelsea Pavich

Placement Start Date:

Placement End Date:

Placement Type:

Weekly Stipend:

Inbound Airport:

Type of Camp:

Leadership Camp

Camp Location:

Galiano Island

Camp Address:

Galiano Island, BC V0N 1P0, Canada

Camp´s Gender Orientation:


Camp´s Max capacity:

35 campers/session

Full Room & Board?:

Training Provided?:

Weekedns off?

Weekedns off

Contact Telephone:


Contact Email:



About the Camp:

We offer a Canadian-style ESL Camp experience. This is so much more than a regular ESL tourist camp where participants don't get to interact with canadian youth; this immersive adventure is for teens wanting to experience Canada. We offer meaningful and unique experiences for our international campers: where youth are immersed in a safe, nurturing environment where they get to share their own language and culture with others. This experience will positively define theri Canadian summer experience.


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